2012 Toyota Prius Hybrid

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2012 Toyota Prius Hybrid - Toyota does not mess around with penembangan 2012 Toyota Prius. 2012 version of the hybrid car is rumored to have a twofold keiritan level of the current Toyota Prius. 

If the Toyota Prius which is now able to claim fuel save as much as 32.6 km / liter by 2012 the Toyota Prius can achieve 61 km / liter.The hybrid car uses two fuel that can be combined ie, gasoline and electricity. Once the rechargeable battery fully, the Prius can travel 26.4 miles just using batteries. The battery on the 2012 Toyota Prius already uses Lithium-ion material which is more efficient than the Material Nickel-Hydrogen Battery Materials Based Prius into the present.

Similar to the previous model standard, v Prius also comes with a fairly large size, measuring 181.7 inches, 69.9 inches and 62.0 inches tall. Furthermore, it will also come with a standard 16-inch alloy wheels as in the previous case. 109.4 inch wheel base size, and it could mean that the Prius v will have a little extra legroom and 34.3 cubic feet of space for cargo.

Even under full throttle, PHV is still far from being fast, with a 0-to-60-mph of 11.3 seconds, according to Toyota, compared to 9.8 seconds for a model non-PHV. Blaming the heavier battery and its hardware support adds about 330 pounds for the slower times. But then, the Prius never been and never will be about driving fun, it is about the maximum fuel economy. At the end of the day, evidence of PHV but not in the proverbial pudding neatly displayed on the dashboard. During the town-and-loop highways short, we are supported entirely by electricity about 39 percent of the time, and we average 56 mpg, according to the reading in the car.

Two things to note here: First, the car fuel economy readouts famous optimist. Second, heavy routes in the hills and includes several miles of highway driving, where we often exceed 80 mph. So although the 56-mpg figure may not be entirely accurate, even with a 10-percent margin of error, we recorded an impressive economy for our use. 

After our job, our partners take the helm to drive the route the city and spent nearly two-thirds of the time on feed electrons, bringing overall fuel up to 68 mpg for the trip, an increase of more than 50 percent during the last test the numbers that we see in the Prius.

A cursory look at the interior statistics is enough to convince you of the utility added V Prius Liftback for his brother. With the rear seats in place you've got 34.3 cubic feet of storage on the way home, expands to 67.3 cubes when you fold the seats flat. That's more space than the current Ford Escape and Nissan Rogue and easily eclipses the standard Prius 21.6/39.6 'cubic feet. But the way you access the luggage space is where the compromise entered.

Because pak nickel-metal hydride batteries mounted beneath the cargo area, loading area is unusually high for a vehicle of this size. We are, after all, talking about a five-passenger mini minivan, and when compared to something like the Mazda5, it's easier to get things in and out of the trunk when the load floor height is closer to the knee.

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