Harga Mobil Nissan Grand Livina Baru

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Harga Mobil Nissan Grand Livina BaruThe Nissan Grand Livina also known as Nissan Livina Geniss in other country is a compact MPV with seven-seater capacity, introduced on mid 2006 by Nissan Motors at the Guangzhou International Motor Show and was launched in Indonesia in 2007. The five-seat version is known as Nissan Livina. It is powered by the Nissan MR18DE engine, and according to Nissan, will be their first in a line of new global vehicles, and is the first Nissan vehicle to debut in China before being released in other countries.

Harga Mobil Baru Nissan Grand Livina 

Model / TypePrice ( IDR )
● Grand Livina 1.5 SV M/T168.500.000
● Grand Livina 1.5 XV M/T183.500.000
● Grand Livina 1.5 XV A/T191.500.000
● Grand Livina 1.5 Highway Star M/T196.600.000
● Grand Livina 1.5 Highway Star A/T204.600.000
● Grand Livina 1.5 Ultimate A/T203.500.000
● Grand Livina 1.8 XV M/T215.400.000
● Grand Livina 1.8 XV A/T222.700.000
● Grand Livina 1.8 Highway Star M/T227.500.000
● Grand Livina 1.8 Highway Star A/T232.500.000
● Grand Livina 1.8 Ultimate M/T240.400.000
● Grand Livina 1.8 Ultimate A/T248.400.000
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