2012 Lexus GS 250 and GS 350 First Drive

Posted by A'eddo Suseno Senin, 16 April 2012 0 komentar
2012 Lexus GS 250 and GS 350 First Drive - It’s got self-healing paint, an airconditioning system that moisturises your skin and an infotainment screen that’s the biggest ever-fitted to a production car.
It’s the new Lexus GS, and not only is it incredibly comfortable, beautifully trimmed, and packed with technology, it’s also a very, very good drive.

Lexus expects big things from the new GS range. It hopes to move market share in the premium category from an underperforming 2.4 percent, to 10 percent.

To help accomplish this, Lexus has introduced a smaller-engined entry to the GS family. The range now starts with the $77,900 GS 250 Luxury - it sits at nearly $20,000 less than the entry point to the previous (2011) GS range, the GS 300 Sports.

That lines it up with the identically-priced Audi A6 2.0 TFSI and BMW 520i; however the GS 250 Luxury comes with a considerably more-extensive standard equipment list.

The value equation, feature for feature, is even more compelling with the more powerful GS 350 range. At $89,900, the GS 350 Luxury is pitted against the $115,600 BMW 335i and the $132,635 Mercedes-Benz E350.

Even the GS flagship, the amazingly gadget-laden GS 350 Sports Luxury, at $109,900 undercuts both of its German rivals while offering a more generous (and luxurious) specification.
But as we found out, the GS range isn’t just about its value-for-money offering: it’s also a properly enjoyable car to drive, particularly the athletic GS 350 F Sport.


Vehicle Segment: Large Luxury Sedan
Tested Power/Torque 0-100km/h Fuel Use (claimed)
GS 250 154kW/253Nm 8.6s 9.3l/100km
GS 350 233kW/378Nm 6.0s 9.7 l/100km
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