Formula 1: Australian GP Race Results

Posted by A'eddo Suseno Selasa, 20 Maret 2012 0 komentar
Formula 1: Australian GP Race Results

Formula 1: Australian GP Race Results - Every year FIA, the sport's governing body, changes Formula 1's technical regulations with the purpose of leveling out the playing field. This forces designers to work within a very strict set of parameters that make gaining an advantage a great challenge.

Despite FIA's efforts to increase competition even more, F1 is far from becoming something akin to a one-make series. Some teams always make a better job than others do, but we have to wait until each year's first race before drawing any conclusions.

At the 2012 Australian Grand Prix, the Saturday qualifying session showed us certain things like that the McLaren is currently the fastest car out there, while Red Bull Racing seems to have lost some of its pace due to the rule changes that affected the design of the RB8.

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